Monday, December 05, 2011

Snow, snow, everywhere...






On Saturday, we awoke to snowy morning with a golden sun that burnished the tops of the trees as it arose. Then, as MIL Darlene and I left home to drive to the Longarm Quilters of New Mexico meeting, we encountered a cow making her way along our road. We have no idea where she came from or where she was going, but I sure hope she got there. Yesterday (Sunday) it began to snow steadily and the remaining photos are from today (Monday). Oh, and it's still gently snowing. The high temperature today was 13 degrees, and it's currently -2 degrees. It's a tad chilly here.
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Hilda said...

We have a similar winter wonderland with a little less snow. Currently it's -14, and with a predicted high in the teens today. Keep warm!