Friday, December 05, 2008

Thanksgiving in Little Rock

DH Daryl and I drove to Little Rock, AR, for Thanksgiving with DD Heather, SIL John, and DGD Ursula. We had a great visit with an incredible dinner made by Heather with assistance from her dad.

We also got out on Friday and drove around the city as it was our first visit. It's a lovely area with lots of huge trees, the Arkansas River, beautiful homes and the President Clinton Library. We stopped by the Old Mill which was a replica of a Civil War era mill made for the movie, Gone With the Wind.

My Aunt Pat came up with the idea of making cloth covered foam blocks for our two granddaughters, Isabelle and Ursula. She cut out dozens of fabric squares for me and I sewed them together, inserting the foam blocks and hand sewing them closed. Ursula got her set at Thanksgiving and Isabelle will receive hers for Christmas. They turned out great and as you can see by the clip below, Ursula (and John) loved them!

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