Monday, July 28, 2008

Embroidered quilt





This quilt from a customer of mine had extra fabric throughout the top (as shown in the first photo) that needed to be worked in without pleating or tucks. A fun challenge :-). She wanted the machine embroidery to be showcased and didn't care how it was quilted; I'm pleased with the final result.
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Felted Finale

Here's hoping that the photos show the bag to its best advantage...dark colors are difficult to photograph. I am pleased with how the bag turned out after felting.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just for Fun

Taylor asked for a wallhanging with her initial "T" and her favorite character, Tinkerbell. Then she wanted a special gift for a good friend's upcoming birthday, another wallhanging featuring the Power Puff Girls with the initial "A".
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Christmas in July




Granddaughter Taylor attended the Over the Mountain July Guild Meeting where she worked on creating a patchwork Christmas stocking for herself. Afterwards, I made Grandson Zachary his own Christmas stocking. He didn't stay in one place very long (as one should expect from a six year old), so here you see him at the Albuquerque Natural History Museum.
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Her Favorite Color PINK! Can you tell? Granddaughter Taylor wanted a pink bag in the same style as my black bag. It seemed to be a good idea to make her a couple of hair ties using covered buttons.
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The Other Side

Side two of my purse--soon to be felted into submission!
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Ready to Felt

On a recent and quick turn-around trip to San Diego, I knitted most of my first 'to be felted purse' using Lion Wool. Once home, I finished the purse. Then, I realized that the pattern (a Berroco free pattern, "Jasperuvia") made no mention of purse straps and so I improvised. I knitted three 4-stitch i-cords and braided them prior to washing, leaving tails at each end to facilitate a creative attachment. Pictures of the final product to be forthcoming.
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Friday, July 04, 2008



Our hummingbird population is steadily increasing and here's last night's pic of the feeding frenzy at one of our feeders.
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Little Black Bag

Well, okay, it's not so little :-) I love this bag, made with pet screen mesh and all cotton quilt fabric. I've already toted (intentional pun) it to San Diego on our quickie road trip to pick up the grandkids (Taylor 13 and Zachary 6). It carried my knitting. My current project is a felted purse--my first felting project.
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