Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm knittin' as fast as I can!

Well, okay, I could knit a bit faster, but time does get away from me. I'm almost finished with a pair of socks for a friend (a surprise) with just a few inches to go on the cuff. Yes, I knitted these 'toe up', two on two double pointed needles. I really love finishing a pair all at once...none of that starting all over again on sock #2. As soon as these are done, I'll post a photo to the blog.

I only have about a foot done on the lace scarf I'm knitting, for me. As it's for me, I can put this off.

My next project will be a pair of knitted kilt hose for my DH, Daryl. I'm itching to get those going as they will be a great project to take along on a couple of trips I have planned in the months to come.

Watch out for those dropped stitches!

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